TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #315 | 061212 | Windows & Mobile Software Tool Updates

Today's Aztec Media prodcued Tech News Radio podcast examines the following Windows and mobile software updates:

We also highly recommend the Gordon Biersch Winter Bock microbrew, and play a great promo for FriendsInTech's Christmas 2006 Holiday Special.

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Technology Podcast Roundup - What's Been Going On?

Here is's look at the latest technology podcasts that have crossed our inbox and listening ears.

First up, if you are into programming languages then you'll want to go over to TWIT.TV, and check out the following podcasts interviews with programming language leaders for: Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails.

Another great podcast that clears up the current state of 'WiMax' vs. 'Mobile WiMax' is an interview with Monica Paolini posted at Wi-Fi Networking News.

Douglas E. Welch from Career Opportunities recently provide members of with a quick video tip on how to configure iTunes beyond its default settings to ensure that you don’t miss an episode of your favorite podcasts.

Other technology related podcasts that look interesting:

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TECH NEWS RADIO #301 | 060815 | Creative Zen V Plus, Forbes' Manes on Vaio UX180P, Road Warrior Blogs, Disruptive CIO Technologies

This podcast examines the following topics:

We also note that has a new dedicated blogging team.  So check out the site and consider subscribing to the RSS feed.

Lastly, please check out this Internet Kids Safetly Flier (in PDF format) created by George Starcher at Kevin Devin's In The Trenches podcast.

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Tech Podcasts Worth Checking Out (TNPR-001)

The technology podcast world continues to generate some great content.  One core example is if you are or trying to become a Cisco networking guru, then you should check out the following great segments from fellow Friends In Tech member Kevin Devin & George Starcher's In The Trenches:

Another great source is to subscribe to a feed from Microsoft Downloads that will point to you to amoung other things great podcasts like:

Other items worth a quick listing:

Also, if you are looking to search podcasts for a particular topic then you might want to check out AOL Podcast Search.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #291 | 060606 | Tom Bihn, Brain Bag, Brain Cells, Areonaut, and Archetype

Today's podcast is all about Tom Bihn and the awesome products they offer those that have to carry technology gear.

But we also touch briefly on our iTunes comments competition, Podcast Academy 3, and TechNewsRadio's Frappr Map.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

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More Great Tech Podcast Recommendations

I recently listened to the following two podcasts and found them worth recommending:

  • Distributing the Future (DTF 05-22-2006):  The middile interview with Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal and Six Apart is very interesting from both a systems integration standpoint and from a software developer's perspective.
  • FLOSS Weekly #6: With Larry Augustin who started VA Linux and now has a host of open source enterprise solutions in a portfolio he helps foster.

TECH NEWS RADIO #287 | 060509 | Security Briefings, RSS Publishing, Conference Annoucements for OSCON, Eclipse, Software Development

In this podcast we give away some more stuff in our April 2006 give-a-way.  Get yourself on the's Frappr Map and get in on the free stuff. Choices over the next three months include: INIT's iPod Black Leather Case or Video 30-MB Silicon Skin, or Dynex Headphone Splitter.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

And the conferences we discuss includes:

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TWIT.TV - Inside The Net Looks At ReGenesis TV

Amber and Leo hit a virtual home run with Inside the Net 20: ReGenesis TV podcast.

This is a very powerful podcast that outlines what the TV show ReGenesis is doing to merge TV and the Internet into a single, seamless but still integrated marketing and promotional message.  Plus it adds signficant value to the viewer/participant.  Kudos!

TECH NEWS RADIO #284 | 060428 | Fast Company, Blurb, Network Computing, Kingston, DataTraveler

This podcast examines content from Fast Company and Network Computing.  The links mentioned in this podcast includes:

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