TECH NEWS RADIO #276 | 060401 | AT&T, Wireless, Palm Pilot, Windows CE, HDML, RIM, Apple Newton, Hammerhead

This Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast from examines Wireless for the Corporate User (no URL), Vol. 6, No. 3 published on March 1997.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #254 (Mobile Projector, TabletPC, Windows Mobile, GPS, and BlackBerry)

Today's podcast looks at some mobile tools for mobile warriors that caught my eye in Mobile Enterprise Magazine published for Feb. 2006:

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TECH NEWS RADIO #243 (Tech Rag Tear Outs with content from CRN, eWeek, FCW, and NWC)

Another "Tech Rag Tear Outs" segment for has been completed. This edition looks at material from: Computer Reseller News, eWeek, Federal Computer Week, and Network Computing.  The official beer of this podcast was Red Hook Winter Ale.

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The song at the end of the podcast is from Billy Watson called "Urban Menace" from his new live CD called "Absolutely Live At The Rhythm Cafe."

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for November 8, 2005

Today's podcast examines a host of technology blog and podcast sources that may be of interest.  Unfortunately, the audio on this one is again a problem, like yesterdays.  I think I now know what the problem is: (latest version of Mac OS X + Audacity 1.2.3 + Plantronics DSP-400 USB microphone) are not working that well together.  I am going to switch to an iMic setup for tomorrow.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 26, 2005

Today we look at new ruggedized Microsoft Tablet PCs from:

As a big Tablet PC fan and user, I am glad to see some new innovations in this marketplace.  Tablet PCs seem ideal for: power users & road warriors as productivity boosters; and in standard mobile data collection and access situations like tech support and sales.

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GotoMeeting & event for November 2005 being planned.