New Media Expo 2007 - Getting Started With Audacity Session

I will be at the New Media Expo 2007 this weekend (Sept. 27-30).  I am giving a presentation on 'Getting Started With Audacity' in the Podcaster 101 track:

Session 8 - 3:15pm to 4:15pm
Ballroom B
Saturday, Sept. 30, 2007

If folks are bringing their laptops to the session, then it is highly recommend that the come with Audacity pre-loaded ...  I also have upload some demo audio files in zip format that I will be using if folks are interested in working hands-on with the same material:

If you'd like to meet-up at the Expo please drop me an email or post a message to me on Twitter.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #334 | 070807 | Focus on Networking, Mobile Gear, Enterprise Solutions, A New Software Tool, and New Media

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Today's Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast comes from content from: MaximumPC, NetworkWorld, PC Magazine, PC World, SC Magazine, and Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine.

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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #333 | 070731 | Why Do People Listen To Podcasts?

Today's podcast takes a tangent from the traditional Tech Rag Tear Outs format to examine attendees of the April 2007 Effective Manager's Conference thoughts on why they listen to the podcast.

Additional links mentioned in this podcast includes:

You can also get connected via: Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, & LinkedIn. More information about my Audacity session at the Podcast and New Media Expo can be found via on the Podcast Expo Forums.

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Technology News Podcast Review #006 from | 070727 | Examining IDEO, Dunbar Numbers, Navizon, Identity, Meal Etiquette, Chumby, Mythbusters, & VMWare

Today's Technology News Podcast Review recommends the following podcasts:

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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST ADMIN | 070506 | Annoucements

This podcast is just a short announcement on some site administration news items related to where are TechNewsRadio's #327, #328, #329, and #330 podcasts.

These "missing" podcasts have been researched, written, and recorded; but are still in the need of audio engineering and post production. 

They should be released soon.  Thanks for your understanding and support!

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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #331 | 070501 | Biggest Attendee Take Aways From Effective Manager Conference

Today's podcast brings listeners some great audio interviews of attendees at the recent Manager-Tools Effective Manager Conference

The collective wisdom of this podcast is based on the answers to the question: "What is your biggest take away from attending this conference?"

You can also get my complete personal impressions of the conference via an interview I did with Douglas E. Welch on his Career Opportunities podcast.

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Manager-Tools Conference Summary Live Show Annoucement

I'd like to announced that I am going to be joining fellow member Douglas E. Welch, host of the excellent Career Opportunities podcast, for a Talkshoe Talkcast on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 9PM EDT/6 PM PDT.

The subject of the Talkcast will be a re-cap from my recent attendance at the's Effective Manager Conference held last week in Washington, DC.

FYI - Manager Tools Inaugural Effective Manager Conference

One of's favorite podcasts - Manager Tools - has announced their inaugural Effective Manager Conference - April 18-19, 2007 - at the Washington DC Dulles Airport Marriott.

This 2-day training conference looks like an ideal way for managers to grow in their managerial, leadership, and communication skills. 

You can learn more from this podcast.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST ADMIN | 070102 | Annoucements

Today's podcast is a Tech News Radio Podcast administrative announcement.  We are going to take the next month off and will be back online publishing new podcasts in February 2007.

Thanks to all the supporters of this podcast over the last 2 years and 4 months.  Enjoy the time off!

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

You can also check out a great library of podcasts at Manager Tools.

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