TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #364 | 2010-07-06 | Having Fun With Your Apple iPad

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Today's podcast is a pointer to an O'Reilly webcast entitled "Five Ways The iPad Can Entertain You" with J.D. Biersdorfer the author of the book "iPad: The Missing Manual." The webcast is going to focus on: Books,  Photos, Movies, Music, and Maps; plus offer time for Q&A.  The webcast is currently scheduled for 10 - 11 am on Friday, June 9, 2010. You can sign up via: REGISTER >

We also play a short promo for Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Stepp's companion podcast called "Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes ... in 10 Minutes" that is a great supplement to their book "Teach Yourself WordPress in 10 Minutes".

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TECH NEWS RADIO #271 | 060319 | eTech 2006,,, Podbop, Mashup

This podcast covers and with Brian Dear. They have some great new web services offerings, and an open API for developers to utilize in their own Internet projects or mashups.  Some additional links mentioned in this podcast include: U2, Podbop (mashup), iCalendar, Mashup Camp, Newsweek, CNET, CNN, and iTunes.

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Wrap-up CES 2006 Blog Coverage

I just finished up reading through my RSS feeds on topics related to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2006.  Some items worthy of highlight from my interests (not a lot of enterprise tech here except the first item and maybe some of the stuff from Bill Gates and Intel CEO):

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for December 1, 2005

We cover some more highly rated Maximum PC reviewed products basically because they have great reviews, and they aren't podcasting any content yet from what I can tell. Hopefully they can start podcasting in the near-future and I can move on to other content!

Items mentioned:

For more information about the above products check out: Nero, Brothers In Arms, Toshiba, AppleiRiver, and Apex.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 25, 2005

There are some pretty amazing USB flash drive customizations going on out there in geek world.  Recent articles from PC Magazine and PC World highlighted the following:

  • Internet Office on the Road [with Portable Firefox; Foxit PDF Reader; Firefox Bookmarks Synchronizer; Portable Thunderbird (email); Portable Sunbird (calendar); Portable NVU (HTML editor); FileZilla (FTP & SFTP); and Trillian Basic 3.1 (chat)].  For more info check out USBKEY @ PC Magazine and
  • There are also options for adding builds to USB flash drives, plus on the multimedia side both XMPlay and CoolPlayer will play the majority of rich audio content out there also via USB drives.
  • If you want to be able to boot from USB disk then check out: FlashBoot 1.2, BartPE, or Damn Small Lunix.
  • PC World also noted that virus protection tool AVG and anti-spyware product Ad-Aware can also be configured to work on USB drives. 
  • Plus PC World suggested two security tools that might be good for keeping data secure on the USB drive: Cypherix Cryptainer LE and Dekart Private Disk Light 1.22.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 22, 2005

Two items of interest today, one from Tripp Lite and the other from Sonic Impact Technologies.

Tripp Lite has a new portable TRAVELER100BT surge suppressor that offers complete AC and Ethernet or phone line surge suppression for laptops, electronic notepads, personal organizers and other portable electronic devices.

Switching gears from power protection to power audio amplification. 

Check out Sonic Impact Technologies T-AMP and the Apple iPod-savvy i-Fusion.  They seem like great audio amplification and speaker solutions. [Source: Forbes]

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for Sept. 12, 2005

Today's podcast looks at news from, XstreamRadio, and Newsgator. has a hands-on review of a USB 2.0 to IDE cable that was sent to them by  It turns out that this cable is probably a very useful tool for system administrators supporting laptop users, power users who move a lot a data back and forth between multiple devices, and anyone doing digital cyber-forensic work on evaluating contents of an IDE drive.

XstreamRadio is a Windows desktop radio application which links into over 700 international streaming radio stations. It also has a unique feature of allowing easy recording to MP3 format for future time-shifted listening.

NewsGator (the RSS reader, RSS enterprise server, and hosting company) has made a major step forward and opened up their NewsGator Online API for both commercial and non-commercial use.  They are going have a competition to see who can use the APIs to build new innovative solutions.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 1, 2005

Today's podcast looks at the new book from Michael Geoghegan at and Dan Klass at called "Podcast Solutions." 

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This book looks pretty good for beginners.  If you are an expert podcaster there will be a few items of interest, but really this book is geared towards getting you started and moving forward: how to record, what you need, and how to get published & setup for distribution.

Things worth mentioning:

  • Adam Curry has the forward for the book
  • Doug Kaye at was the technical adviser
  • The book also looks at Apple iTunes and ODEO
  • It comes with a CD of software to get you going 
  • One chapter has details on some of the legal issues associated with RIAA music
  • There are great how-to's on recording hardware and software

All in all I give it a 4 out of 5 star score, especially if you are new to podcasting or want to help someone who is maybe interested in get started.

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