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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #340 | 070918 | Discussions on: Future Tense, CIO Podcast, IInnovate, Controlling Chaos, Eric Mack, JKOnTheRun, Radio Lab, Technorama, Kevin Devin, Engadget

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Today's Tech News Radio podcast examines a review of information technology related podcasts, and news items related to the tech podcast marketplace.  This is our 7th edition of this format and comments are welcome at: [email protected].  The promo played in this show is from Mortgages Made Simple.

Specific podcast recommendations mentioned in this podcast include:

Additional links mentioned include:

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #336 | 070821 | Conferences Updates, Mobile Phone News, and Vista Savvy Graphic Cards

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Today's Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast includes some pointers to some upcoming conferences, hardware & software news related to mobile smart phones, and a list of potentially helpful graphics card recommendations to help out your future or current Vista installation.

It includes content from the following sources: PC Magazine, Maximum PC, Software Developer Times, PC World, Mobile Enterprise, Federal Computer Week, and Computer Reseller News.

Links mentioned in this podcast included:

We also had a microbrew recommendation from the Lake Tippecanoe area of Northern Indiana with the Warbird Brewing Company's Warbird T-6 Red Amber Ale.

This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

Technology News Podcast Review #006 from | 070727 | Examining IDEO, Dunbar Numbers, Navizon, Identity, Meal Etiquette, Chumby, Mythbusters, & VMWare

Today's Technology News Podcast Review recommends the following podcasts:

In addition, the following links to other technology podcast news may be of interest:

Other links mentioned in this podcast include:

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Technology Podcast Roundup - What's Been Going On?

Here is's look at the latest technology podcasts that have crossed our inbox and listening ears.

First up, if you are into programming languages then you'll want to go over to TWIT.TV, and check out the following podcasts interviews with programming language leaders for: Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails.

Another great podcast that clears up the current state of 'WiMax' vs. 'Mobile WiMax' is an interview with Monica Paolini posted at Wi-Fi Networking News.

Douglas E. Welch from Career Opportunities recently provide members of with a quick video tip on how to configure iTunes beyond its default settings to ensure that you don’t miss an episode of your favorite podcasts.

Other technology related podcasts that look interesting:

This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

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Tech Podcasts Worth Checking Out (TNPR-001)

The technology podcast world continues to generate some great content.  One core example is if you are or trying to become a Cisco networking guru, then you should check out the following great segments from fellow Friends In Tech member Kevin Devin & George Starcher's In The Trenches:

Another great source is to subscribe to a feed from Microsoft Downloads that will point to you to amoung other things great podcasts like:

Other items worth a quick listing:

Also, if you are looking to search podcasts for a particular topic then you might want to check out AOL Podcast Search.

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Tech Podcast Space Continues To Be Full Of Value continues to be very impressed with the "technology podcast" space.  The quality and the depth is really amazing.   Here is a quick sample:

TECH NEWS RADIO #253 (Conferences, High-End Workstation, Enterprise Instant Messaging)

Today's podcast is a "mini" Tech Rag Tear Outs segment from The primary focus of this podcast is:

Additional links/products mentioned this podcast:

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Snippet From Gadget Show Podcast Highlights Clustered Debian Linux For Backend Of SecondLife

This was originally planned to go out on the site but has been re-allocated back to

Steve Holden from highlights some interesting backend infrastructure configurations from an interview done on the Gadget Show Podcast with Richard Giles.  The interview was with the Vice President of Product Development of SecondLife - Cory Ondrejka.

I thought the details on clustered Linux using Debian was interesting. [NOTE: When I originally recorded this I mentioned the incorrect game Half-Life vice the correct game title Second Life.  Sorry about my error.]

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for December 1, 2005

We cover some more highly rated Maximum PC reviewed products basically because they have great reviews, and they aren't podcasting any content yet from what I can tell. Hopefully they can start podcasting in the near-future and I can move on to other content!

Items mentioned:

For more information about the above products check out: Nero, Brothers In Arms, Toshiba, AppleiRiver, and Apex.

Please check out the listener map:

The next GotoMeeting & event for Dec. 2005 is currently being planned.