Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 27, 2005

Wired for Nov05 on page 112 looked at some "non-tape" digital video camcorder units [maximum score was 5]:.

On that last one, MAKE magazine has an article on how-to hack the CVS unit for future unlimited usuage.

The things to look out for: types of memory, file format, battery life, and look for a charge-coupled device (CCD) that is 0.17 inch or larger.

To compliment the USB segment on Tuesday, these units might be interesting:

  • Kanguru Solutions 512-MB Biometric-savvy USB 2.0 Flash Drive [$180]
  • Imation 2-GB USB Micro Hand Drive that offers password protection, file sync, compression, version control, and 128-bit file encryption [$180]
  • Verbatim Store 'n' Go USB 1-GB Flash Drives that also comes bundled with data protection options [$90]

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GotoMeeting & event for November 2005 being planned.

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 12, 2005

There continues to be some pretty interesting products in the Windows XP Media Center PC area.  Two items that highlight this include:

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GotoMeeting & event for October 2005 being planned.

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 1, 2005

Today's podcast looks at the new book from Michael Geoghegan at and Dan Klass at called "Podcast Solutions." 

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This book looks pretty good for beginners.  If you are an expert podcaster there will be a few items of interest, but really this book is geared towards getting you started and moving forward: how to record, what you need, and how to get published & setup for distribution.

Things worth mentioning:

  • Adam Curry has the forward for the book
  • Doug Kaye at was the technical adviser
  • The book also looks at Apple iTunes and ODEO
  • It comes with a CD of software to get you going 
  • One chapter has details on some of the legal issues associated with RIAA music
  • There are great how-to's on recording hardware and software

All in all I give it a 4 out of 5 star score, especially if you are new to podcasting or want to help someone who is maybe interested in get started.

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Tech Tidbits Daily for June 6, 2005

This is your Tech Tidbits Daily from for Monday, June 6th 2005.  A proud member of network.

Today's podcast contains a short review of the Xitel SOUNDaround, a $100 "advanced psycho-acoustic modeling" consumer surround sound device for enjoying the latest in digital video and audio.  For more reviews you can check out Christopher Saunders at Hardware Central and CNET which has a hands-on first look video.

Also announced our May 2005 Billy Watson music CD winner.  Thanks for the feedback!