TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #331 | 070501 | Biggest Attendee Take Aways From Effective Manager Conference

Today's podcast brings listeners some great audio interviews of attendees at the recent Manager-Tools Effective Manager Conference

The collective wisdom of this podcast is based on the answers to the question: "What is your biggest take away from attending this conference?"

You can also get my complete personal impressions of the conference via an interview I did with Douglas E. Welch on his Career Opportunities podcast.

This podcast is sponsored by: SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing. And thanks to Zimbra for sponsoring our recent attendance at eTech 2007 (podcast review).

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Manager-Tools Conference Summary Live Show Annoucement

I'd like to announced that I am going to be joining fellow member Douglas E. Welch, host of the excellent Career Opportunities podcast, for a Talkshoe Talkcast on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 at 9PM EDT/6 PM PDT.

The subject of the Talkcast will be a re-cap from my recent attendance at the's Effective Manager Conference held last week in Washington, DC.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #324 | 070320 | Interview with Spoken Translation

Today's podcast has a great interview with Dina Moskowitz at Spoken Translation.  We discuss the company, the marketplace, the technology, and the future for their core product called Converser.

If you have a need or an interest in bringing voice recognition, pen interface, and language translation to a single platform, then you'll want to listen to this podcast.

Other links mentioned in this podcast include Friends In Tech and eTech 2007.

This podcast is sponsored by:
SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

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FYI - Manager Tools Inaugural Effective Manager Conference

One of's favorite podcasts - Manager Tools - has announced their inaugural Effective Manager Conference - April 18-19, 2007 - at the Washington DC Dulles Airport Marriott.

This 2-day training conference looks like an ideal way for managers to grow in their managerial, leadership, and communication skills. 

You can learn more from this podcast.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST ADMIN | 070102 | Annoucements

Today's podcast is a Tech News Radio Podcast administrative announcement.  We are going to take the next month off and will be back online publishing new podcasts in February 2007.

Thanks to all the supporters of this podcast over the last 2 years and 4 months.  Enjoy the time off!

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

You can also check out a great library of podcasts at Manager Tools.

This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

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Unconference Discussion on Podcast Directories

On Friday, Sep. 29, 2006 from 4:15-4:45 p.m. I am hosting a discussion on Podcast Directories at the Podango sponsored Unconference  which is at their booth at the 2006 Podcast and Portable Media Expo (PME).

I posted more details if readers are interest to my personal blog.

TECH NEWS RADIO #303 | 060829 | Conferences, Information Week on Software, Wired on Supercomputers

This podcast has content that outlines upcoming potentially interesting conferences and two technology news items -- one from Information Week and one from Wired.  The Information Week blurb is about Charles Babcock's "The Greatest Software Ever Written" article, and the Wired blurb is about 3x increase in U.S. Supercomputing hours used in 2006 when compared to 2005.

The URLs mentioned in this podcast include:

We add a short micro-brew beer review on Eureka's Pale Ale which is a 'Golden Style American Pale Ale' brewed in Cold Spring, MN.

This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing. Don't forget to take advantate of the $10 coupon code (FIT92006) that is good on any SCOTTEVEST long sleeve performance t-shirt 

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