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  • This WEEK in GOOGLE42 Check out: Ribbit, Android Kindle app, Google Reader Play, Diaspora, Google Wave open to all
  • Per @LeviathanChrons the podcast novel "Leviathan Chronicles" has a big update on 5/26
  • Amazon has announced a Asia Pacific Region AWS datacenter in Singapore (EC2 S3 SimpleDB RDS SNS CloudWatch Cloudfront)
  • Roundtable is today - Sat. May 22nd at 1pm PT / 4pm ET - Stitcher Radio, Green Screen HowTo, 5 Top Windows Utilities
  • standardizing all my computers with Google Chrome as the default browser - it seems to be faster, more reliable, etc than Firefox
  • TweetDeck seems like a nice upgrade: more meaningful icons, location, scheduled updates, translations, etc
  • is looking for proposals their 10th year conference in Budapest, Hungary from 08/31- 09/03/2010
  • Checking out Apple's "iPad : The Missing Manual—New from O'Reilly" - new book $25 -
  • Mark/Space has announced Android Calendar Sync Version 1.4 Beta
  • The new Apple OS X Snow Leopard Security Guide is now available online via PDF
  • has released AnyDVD6.6.4.2 with support for Avatar, more encryption updates & other fixes
  • Willow Garage has a new open-source initiative for institutions and universities to build upon a robot platform
  • OpenBook Specification for ePub (xhtml, css, etc) - some tools: Calibre & Adobe InDesign
  • Just installed the new VMWARE 3.1 for Mac -- reports about Bootcamp VMs being faster seem true - more info:
  • PhatWare has announced WritePad for iPad - an advanced handwriting recognition software
  • Checking out Tweekdeck v0.34.2 (upgrade from v0.34.1) --- I wonder what is new?
  • Checking out PersonalBrain 5.5 (visual information management) for Mac, Windows, Linux [free 30 day demo]
  • is now the new "centralized" home for MacTech, Now Software, MacNews, MacsimumNews, MacMinute, etc
  • Manager Tools Effective Manager Conference at Denver Marriott City Center has been announced for June 7, 2010
  • SitePoint's newest book "Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!" looks like a good HTML intro:
  • How to Upgrade Your MacBook's Hard Drive -- Is a good reference!
  • Anyone interest in an Apple iPad meetup in San Diego, CA - Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #361 | 091201 | Server Laptop, GlassFish, Security Tools, & Conference Pointers

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Today's podcast examines the following: a high-end server laptop called the "EUROCOM D900F Panther" from Eurocom; Sun's GlassFish Portfolio; and some recommended computer network security tools to check out.

The computer network security tools mentioned in this podcast included:
The podcast also contained pointers to the following conferences:
Additional links and references mentioned:

The craft beer recommendation for this show is Sierra Nevada's Torpedo Extra IPA.

Feel free to follow along with Steve Holden at: Twitter, FriendFeed, and/or Delicious.  For tech news only updates follow TechNewsRadio on Twitter.

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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #343 | 080322 | BlackBerry Enterprise, eWeek Top Tech For 2008, DOD Conferences Pointer, WordPress Update, and Interview on Virtual Teams

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Today's show covers: #1.) RIM's latest enterprise news; #2.) eWeek on 2008 technologies you should check out; #3.) a pointer to DOD conferences in the Washington DC area; and #4.) news about the very popular blogging tool WordPress.  Once we get through the news, there is an interview I recently recorded with President/CEO Eric Basu about how his company Sentek Consulting uses the latest technologies to enable effective virtual teams.

Links mentioned during the news portion of the podcast include:

Links mentioned during the interview on virtual teams includes:

Our microbrew recommendation of the show is the Widmer Broken Halo IPA. And if you have any tech questions post them to:

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #340 | 070918 | Discussions on: Future Tense, CIO Podcast, IInnovate, Controlling Chaos, Eric Mack, JKOnTheRun, Radio Lab, Technorama, Kevin Devin, Engadget

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Today's Tech News Radio podcast examines a review of information technology related podcasts, and news items related to the tech podcast marketplace.  This is our 7th edition of this format and comments are welcome at: [email protected].  The promo played in this show is from Mortgages Made Simple.

Specific podcast recommendations mentioned in this podcast include:

Additional links mentioned include:

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #339 | 070914 | More On Skype & eBooks Plus Mobile Scanner, Kid Safe Browsing, & Conference Pointer

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Today's Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast discusses a variety of topics including: Internet VoIP, electronic books, new media content, mobile tools, a Firefox plugin for protecting children's web access, and an enterprise data warehouse conference pointer. 

The sources for these topics includes: eWeek, San Diego Union-Tribune, Forbes, New York Times News Service, and PC Magazine.

Additional links mentioned in this article:

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #338 | 070904 | Top 9 Email News Items Plus Interview With FileMaker Expert John Mark Osborne

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Today's "mini" Tech Rag Tear Outs examines nine top things to consider checking out and a great interview with FileMaker expert John Mark Osborne from  During the interview we discuss: history of FileMaker, John's expertise, hands-on training options for FileMaker Pro, and online training tools.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

#9.) Attensa Enterprise 2.0 Feed Readers

#8.) Alltel's new Where

#7.) Vlingo Mobile

#6.) Mark/Space Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 4.0

#5.) Thornsoft's ClipMate 7.2.05 for Windows

#4.) Mindomo online mind mapping tool

#3.) DivX Author 1.5 editing tool

#2.) Freebase 'open source data' database

#1.) Newsgator - NetNewsWire - FeedDemon

We also recommend checking out Paso Robles, CA based Steinhaus Brewing Co's Mission Street Pale Ale microbrew.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #333 | 070731 | Why Do People Listen To Podcasts?

Today's podcast takes a tangent from the traditional Tech Rag Tear Outs format to examine attendees of the April 2007 Effective Manager's Conference thoughts on why they listen to the podcast.

Additional links mentioned in this podcast includes:

You can also get connected via: Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce, & LinkedIn. More information about my Audacity session at the Podcast and New Media Expo can be found via on the Podcast Expo Forums.

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Technology News Podcast Review #006 from | 070727 | Examining IDEO, Dunbar Numbers, Navizon, Identity, Meal Etiquette, Chumby, Mythbusters, & VMWare

Today's Technology News Podcast Review recommends the following podcasts:

In addition, the following links to other technology podcast news may be of interest:

Other links mentioned in this podcast include:

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 (Size 4.5 MBs, Running Time 9m36s)