TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #322 | 070306 | Review Edward Tufte Conference Plus Google News & Tips

Today's podcast includes a conference review and then a couple of pointers to new news and tips about Google from eWeek and MaximumPC.

The review is of a recent Edward Tufte Conference that was attended in late January 2007 [detailed PDF of notes]. Attending the conference also includes the following Edward Tufte books: Beautiful Evidence, Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations, and The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.

Links mention in this podcast include:

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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #314 | 061205 | New Technology Books

Today's Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast looks at new technology books that may be of interest to listeners.  The books mentioned are organized in the following topic clusters:

In addition, we play a promo for FriendsInTech's Christmas 2006 Holiday Special original podcast story.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #307 | 060926 | HoneyPot, SharePoint, Programming, Open Source, Gateways, Sparkline, AJAX Security Tools, SameTime

This podcast examines articles published for September 18, 2006 from eWeek, Information Week, Network World, Computer Reseller News, Info World, Computer World, and Software Developer Times.

Reference links mentioned in this podcast include:

This podcast also mentioned the following companies: Verizon, Sprint Nextel, TrendMicro, eSoftAladdin Knowledge Systems, Liantec, Cisco, AOL, Yahoo, & Google.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #293 | 060621 | Review of Podcasting For Dummies

Today's podcast is a short review and recommendation of "Podcasting For Dummies" by Tee Morris and Evo Terra.

How does it compare to other podcast books we have reviewed:

You'll have to listen to find out.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #282 | 060424 | Enterprise Architecture, 911 Requirements, Search Visualizations, Google, Inxight, Malware, Bitdefender

This podcast examines a "mixed" bag of topics including: Enterprise Architecture 911 services via VoIP/PBX (IT Architect), Search Visualizations (KM World), and Malware Detection (PC World).

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for December 6, 2005

This podcast is all about new tech books -- eleven (11) to be exact from O'Reilly & Associates, No Starch Press, or Syngress publishing:

Now you have two options for buying these ... you can goto the Amazon title links above, or if you want, I've been told you can go directly to, and through 31Dec05 get 30% off using the Discount Code "HOHOHO" for books shipped to U.S. addresses.  The ISBN links above go to the O'Reilly Catalog page for the book.

Evo Terra @ has announced that they have a bunch Narnia promo and other stuff to give away including a real prop from the Narnia movie, an iPod from the SCIFI channel and MST3K videos.

The next GotoMeeting & is this coming Saturday, Dec. 10, 2005 and will focus on Cool Holiday Tech Gifts.

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for November 2, 2005

There is a new book out that appears to be something that is going to be added to my library.  It is called: "Digital Identity" by Phil Windley [Publisher: O'Reilly, ISBN: 0-596-00878-3, $35]:

This book details "identity management architecture" (IMA), a method that provides ample protection while giving good guys access to vital information and systems. IMA is a coherent, enterprise-wide set of standards, policies, certifications and management activities that enable companies like yours to manage digital identity effectively not just as a security check, but as a way to extend services and pinpoint the needs of customers.

GotoMeeting & event for November 2005 being planned.

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 13, 2005

Today we look at Jack Herrington's new book "Podcasting Hacks: Tips & Tools for Blogging Out Loud" by O'Reilly & Associates.  How does it compare with Todd Cochrane's "Podcasting: Do-It--Your-Self-Guide" and Michael Geoghegan & Dan Klass' "Podcast Solutions"? You'll have to listen to find out.

[NOTE: Thanks to Craig @ for helping me get the review copy.]

Take $5 off any order of $30 or more at! [Use code "TECH4".]

GotoMeeting & event for October 2005 being planned.

Recommendation: Capouch on Asterisks @ IT Conversations

I just finished listening to "Brian Capouch - Asterisk Open-Source VoIP PBX" and it is very good.  Well worth the time invested.  I have to agree that Asterisk definitely has a serious buzz.  In summary:

Asterisk is the open source Voice-over-IP solution that everyone's talking
about, and at OSCON Scott Mace talked to Brian Capouch, the author of the
forthcoming Addison-Wesley book about Asterisk. Capouch discusses why Asterisk is spreading like wildfire, has hooks for video and presence extensions and why Skype is "evil incarnate." [SOURCE: "IT Conversations News: October 10, 2005" newsletter]