Sad News - Passing Of Marc Orchant

It is with a very heavy heart that I need to let listeners of know of the passing of Marc Orchant on 12/9/2007.

Marc was a great technology friend who I was very privileged to meet in person and share some time with at eTech 2007.  In fact the interview with Attensia that I recorded at that conference was because of Marc's introductions.  He was always looking out for others and trying to help where he could. Thank you!

My prayers are with his family and friends.  He will be very missed.

Administrivia - Update On Marc Orchant

In the last podcast I posted, #340, I mentioned Eric Mack's recent interview with Marc Orchant was a must listen to.  And it still is, but I did want to let listeners know that Marc Orchant is very ill.  He suffered a very serious heart attack on Sunday, 12/2 and is still in very critical condition in the hospital.

The best place I've found for updates is via my friend Michael Sampson's Effective Collaboration site.

Please keep Marc, his family, and his friends in your prayers. 

I could not say this with more conviction, Marc is one of the nicest, most helpful technologists I have met through podcasting & blogging, and I am pulling for him with all the effort I can muster.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #332 | 070724 | Focus on Mobile Gear, Software Development, Enterprise Solutions, and New Media

Today's Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast includes pointers to the following topic areas: Mobile Gear, Software Development, Enterprise Solutions, and New Media.

The content is from the following sources: MaximumPC, Software Developer Times, Computer World, eWeek, PC Magazine, Information Week, Network World, PC World, and Mobile Enterprise Magazine.

Technology links mentioned in this podcast include:

Some administrivia links mentioned in the podcast include:

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 (Size 7.4 MBs, Running Time 16m00s)

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST ADMIN | 070506 | Annoucements

This podcast is just a short announcement on some site administration news items related to where are TechNewsRadio's #327, #328, #329, and #330 podcasts.

These "missing" podcasts have been researched, written, and recorded; but are still in the need of audio engineering and post production. 

They should be released soon.  Thanks for your understanding and support!

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FYI - Manager Tools Inaugural Effective Manager Conference

One of's favorite podcasts - Manager Tools - has announced their inaugural Effective Manager Conference - April 18-19, 2007 - at the Washington DC Dulles Airport Marriott.

This 2-day training conference looks like an ideal way for managers to grow in their managerial, leadership, and communication skills. 

You can learn more from this podcast.

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST ADMIN | 070102 | Annoucements

Today's podcast is a Tech News Radio Podcast administrative announcement.  We are going to take the next month off and will be back online publishing new podcasts in February 2007.

Thanks to all the supporters of this podcast over the last 2 years and 4 months.  Enjoy the time off!

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

You can also check out a great library of podcasts at Manager Tools.

This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

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Special FIT Feature "Island of Misfit Geeks" For Tech Geeks!'

Members of FriendsInTech (FIT) have put together a special Christmas podcast that should be out on Dec. 18, 2006 over at

This original story and production highlights "Lucky the reindeer and his friend Herbert's adventure to find the Island of Misfit Geeks and save Christmas for Santa."

Here is the promo: