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Some Photos Of Slides From The NOC (Network Operations Center)

Here are a few photos of the presentation by the NOC at Def Con 27 (2019).  But first here is may favorite non-focused photo as it says a lot:


DSC01334Some WIFI User Tracking

DSC01339Some Traffic Analysis

DSC01341High-Level Network Diagram #1 For 2019

DSC01345High-Level Network Diagram #2 For 2019

DSC01348Previous WIFI Architectures (Rio)

DSC01350Yuck! #1

DSC01354Yuck #2

DSC01356Bathrooms Make Great NOCs!

Other photos!

Some Favorite Slides From Def Con #27 (2019).

The following photos of slides that are some of my favorites from Def Con #27 (2019).

DSC01307Default Elevator Passwords

DSC01310SQL Injection's Found In Vendor Databases For Schools

DSC01319Radar Gun Frequencies

DSC01323Some References On How To "Mess With" Radar Guns

DSC01327Multi-Printer Attack Surfaces

DSC01329More Detail On Multi-Printer Attack Surfaces

DSC01361Sound Damage Levels