Unboxing Newton MessagePad & Apple iPad - TechNewsRadio Special Report
Twitter Updates - Google, Amazon, Windows, Chrome, TweetDeck, iPad

Twitter Updates - Chrome, TweetDeck, OpenOffice, iPad, Amazon, Etc

The following is a summary of tweets posted to TechNewsRadio@Twitter over the last week:
  • TechPodcast.com Roundtable is today - Sat. May 22nd at 1pm PT / 4pm ET - Stitcher Radio, Green Screen HowTo, 5 Top Windows Utilities
  • Standardizing all my computers with Google Chrome as the default browser - it seems to be faster, more reliable, etc than Firefox
  • TweetDeck seems like a nice upgrade: more meaningful icons, location, scheduled updates, translations, etc
  • OpenOffice.org is looking for proposals their 10th year conference in Budapest, Hungary from 08/31- 09/03/2010 http://bit.ly/b6d6cQ
  • Checking out Apple's "iPad : The Missing Manual—New from O'Reilly" - new book $25 - http://oreil.ly/90aNZO
  • Mark/Space has announced Android Calendar Sync Version 1.4 Beta http://bit.ly/aDLSrX
  • This WEEK in GOOGLE42 http://bit.ly/9SYkfL Check out: Ribbit, Android Kindle app, Google Reader Play, Diaspora, Google Wave open to all
  • Per @LeviathanChrons the podcast novel "Leviathan Chronicles" has a big update on 5/26 http://bit.ly/8ZzfDq
  • Amazon has announced a Asia Pacific Region AWS datacenter in Singapore (EC2 S3 SimpleDB RDS SNS CloudWatch Cloudfront) http://bit.ly/9NMCNc
  • Just loaded up my old TabletPC with latest Ubuntu 10.4 LTS .. now I have OS X, Win7, Linux, & iPad running at home ;-)
  • Per @georgestarcher you can trouble shoot PC/Windows problems with Ubuntu Live CD/USB [LifeHacker, How-To Geek] http://bit.ly/bKgaER
  • LaCinema Mini HD Connect is interesting High Definition Media Player with full HDMI, USB 2.0, and Network http://bit.ly/bvJDPT
  • TOM BIHN has introduced the Co-Pilot travel bag - sized specifically for travel essentials, including your iPad http://bit.ly/cdDPvP
  • SoundSoap 2.4 has been announced with many bug fixes & several enhancements plus a new 14-day trial version http://bit.ly/cnbTgD
  • Jason Westland book "The Project Management Life Cycle: A Complete Step-By-Step Methodology" has a software service via http://bit.ly/dtsMEK
  • How to Skip the Trailers and FBI warning on DVD players by @acedtect via CNET/videosift.com http://bit.ly/dm4aGL
  • On Monday, 5/3/2010 Apple announced that after only 28 days they sold more than 1 million Apple iPads http://bit.ly/blhTan


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