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Twitter Updates - eBook, Audio, Audit, Energy, Management, Wireless

Over the last week the following were posted to TechNewsRadio @

  • When are $10 ebooks coming to O'Reilly tech books? - lowest price looks like $15 most over $20
  • FYI -- Network Sound Effects Library (120 CDs with 10,000 effects) is $995
  • Audit Control Manager (screencast) for Mac OS X []
  • DARPA is working on R&D projects that could lead to DoD energy independence []
  • 3.2 Beta Release available download
  • Manager Tools Effective Manager Conference is Dec. 10, 2009 in Toronto, Canada, & Jan. 26, 2010 in  London, UK
  • FYI -- WinX DVD Author deal [link via email - no experience with this software]
  • Sierra Wireless AirLink PinPoint XT in-vehicle gateways are now available on CDMA & EV-DO networks [tinyurl]


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