TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #347 | 090113 | Jobs, Aircell, VMWARE, Displays, Tom Bihn, & Conferences
TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #349 | 090203 | Embedded Programming, Cloud Computing, and Conference Pointers

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #348 | 090120 | Content Management, Network Security, Military Resources, SUN Servers, NAS & Conference Pointers

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This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

Today's's podcast covers seven topics: Enterprise Content Management (ECM); network security; military how-to guides; Sun's latest SunFire x4150 servers; personal-sized network attached storage (NAS) appliances ; and conference pointers.  After the technical content there is a Tom Bihn  product review update.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

The microbrew beer recommendation for this podcast is the Fat Weasel Pale Ale by River Trent Brewing in Ukaih, CA.

The recommend podcast resource to checkout for this podcast is the "main feed" at IT Conversations.


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