TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #342 | 080122 | EMC Flash Drives, IBM IOPES Email Search, Interview with PacketTrap & Conference Pointers
TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #344 | 080603 | Audacity, XTuple, Cisco Nexus, zBoost, VoIP Hacks & World Business Forum4

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #343 | 080322 | BlackBerry Enterprise, eWeek Top Tech For 2008, DOD Conferences Pointer, WordPress Update, and Interview on Virtual Teams

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Today's show covers: #1.) RIM's latest enterprise news; #2.) eWeek on 2008 technologies you should check out; #3.) a pointer to DOD conferences in the Washington DC area; and #4.) news about the very popular blogging tool WordPress.  Once we get through the news, there is an interview I recently recorded with President/CEO Eric Basu about how his company Sentek Consulting uses the latest technologies to enable effective virtual teams.

Links mentioned during the news portion of the podcast include:

Links mentioned during the interview on virtual teams includes:

Our microbrew recommendation of the show is the Widmer Broken Halo IPA. And if you have any tech questions post them to:


web meeting josh

I know of an alternative web conferencing tool for the ones you mentioned- - It allows document sharing and web meeting with anyone in real-time. All the participants in the session see each others' drawing, highlights, etc. It is free and requires no installation. Josh

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