New Media Expo 2007 - Getting Started With Audacity Session
TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #329 | 070417 | Tech News From MaximumPC & PC World Plus eTech Interview With Linspire

LINKS FROM PODCAST #325 - Overview Of eTech 2007 Plus Pointers To Interviews

Links mentioned in TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #325 published for March 30, 2007 that covered the topic "Overview of eTech 2007":

Our topic eight technologies that we thought had potential to help IT professionals in the near-term:

  1. Amazon's S3 (Storage), EC2 (Processors), and SQS (Messaging) technologies 
  2. Sun Microsystems Project Blackbox
  3. Yahoo! Pipes
  4. RSS Tools like Attensa Feed Server, RSS Bus, and Newsgator
  5. Zimbra new offline email client
  6. Adobe's Apollo
  7. Scott Berkun new book "The Myths of Innovation" [NOTE: His previous book "The Art of Project Management" is also highly recommend.]
  8. Microsoft's Deepfish

Also don't forget to check out our eTech 2007 OPML format conference notes posted to

We also conducted four interviews at eTech 2007: Attensia, ThinkFree, Zimbra, and Linspire.


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