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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST ADMIN | 070506 | Annoucements

This podcast is just a short announcement on some site administration news items related to where are TechNewsRadio's #327, #328, #329, and #330 podcasts.

These "missing" podcasts have been researched, written, and recorded; but are still in the need of audio engineering and post production. 

They should be released soon.  Thanks for your understanding and support!

 (Size 1.5 MBs, Running Time 2m27s)

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #331 | 070501 | Biggest Attendee Take Aways From Effective Manager Conference

Today's podcast brings listeners some great audio interviews of attendees at the recent Manager-Tools Effective Manager Conference

The collective wisdom of this podcast is based on the answers to the question: "What is your biggest take away from attending this conference?"

You can also get my complete personal impressions of the conference via an interview I did with Douglas E. Welch on his Career Opportunities podcast.

This podcast is sponsored by: SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing. And thanks to Zimbra for sponsoring our recent attendance at eTech 2007 (podcast review).

 (Size 11.6 MBs, Running Time 25m14s)