TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #312 | 061114 | Summary of Interop 2006 NYC via eWeek & Network World
TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #314 | 061205 | New Technology Books

TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #313 | 061128 | New Microsoft Software & Latest Conference Notifications

This production of a Tech News Radio's Tech Rag Tear Outs podcast examines the following two topics: new software releases from Microsoft and updated conference notifications.

In addition, we have two microbrew beer recommendations: Deschutes Brewery out of Bend, Oregon with their Jubelale 2006 "A Festive Winter Ale", and Arizona's Nimbus Brewing Company's Pale Ale. And we played a promo for and Technorama.

The Microsoft links mentioned in this podcast include:

The conferences and training solutions mentioned in this podcast include:

This podcast is sponsored by: SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing and with free eWeek subscriptions.

 (Size 4.9 MBs, Running Time 10m40s)


James Counts

Thanks,for mentioning our beer. Nimbus is one of the best beers made in the U.S. and we sure appreciate the help in getting the word out to everyone. If you want to try / sample any of our five other beers we bottle, let me know!


Jim Counts

internal quality audit

ISO 9001 standard is not product specific and can be used by a wide range of manufacturing and service companies. Long time ago, I saw a flag-size poster on a theater in Singapore bragging about its registration to the ISO 9001 standard. One of my European colleagues recently mentioned that he received an application to register a church choir.

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