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Podcast Directory Discussion Audio and Thoughts

My 'Podcast Directory' discussion audio at the Podango Unconference from Friday, 9/29/06 (4:15-4:45pm) at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo (PME) 2006 has been posted.

I had a pretty good time doing it once the crowd got use to the idea that I wanted to have a discussion vice me just speaking to the crowd on the topic.  And I think it went well overall - no one seemed to leave during the discussion and there was always a good crowd around the booth.  Hats off to the Podango folks for a great idea and for letting me participate.

I can't say that we really solved anything during the 30 minutes of discussion, but people seemed to agree with the problem areas I presented. The solution probably requires that podcasters will need to become united on a short list of requirements or standards that can hold directories responsible for by either endorsement or ratings.

After the discussion I had a couple of great interactions.  A couple of sites that seem to be headed in the right direction are:

NOTE: If you want a copy of the PDF of the presentation send me email - [email protected].


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