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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #310 | 061017 | Mobile Gear: Bose Headphones - Latest Audio Players From Creative, Apple, iRiver, & Archos - WiFi Skype Phones

The primary topic in today's podcast is on mobile gear from articles published in recent editions of: PC Magazine, Wired, MaximumPC, and Edutopia.

Links to products mentioned in this podcast include:

During this podcast we also review Internet movie download services, if you have any experiences you'd like to share about Internet movie sites (like CinemaNow, Apple iTunes, MovieLink, or Amazon Unbox) then please join the discussion at

This podcast is produced by and sponsored by: SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing and with free eWeek subscriptions.

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TECH NEWS RADIO PODCAST #309 | 061010 | Conference Updates - Management, Development, IT, Sysadmin, Security, Architecture, Engineering

This podcast (published by is a summary of upcoming information technology (IT) related conferences that should be of interest to IT professionals.

The conferences listed in this podcast are organized into the following themes: Project Management Software & Web Development, Computer Network Security, IT & System Administration, Systems Architecture & Knowledge Engineering, and Government & Military.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

This podcast is sponsored by: SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing and with free eWeek subscriptions.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #308 | 061003 | PME2006, Google, Forbes, MaxStreams, ATCOM, Baseline, Token Security, Infoblox, EVDO, Bluetooth, System Mgmt

This podcast is in a traditional Tech Rag Tear Outs format looking at content published for September 2006 from: Fortune, Forbes, NASA Tech Briefs,, Baseline Magazine,,, Communications News, CIO Magazine, and Network Computing.

Topics mentioned during this podcast (URLs TBD):

This podcast is sponsored by SCOTTEVEST (SeV) - makers of fine tech clothing.

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Podcast Directory Discussion Audio and Thoughts

My 'Podcast Directory' discussion audio at the Podango Unconference from Friday, 9/29/06 (4:15-4:45pm) at the Podcast and Portable Media Expo (PME) 2006 has been posted.

I had a pretty good time doing it once the crowd got use to the idea that I wanted to have a discussion vice me just speaking to the crowd on the topic.  And I think it went well overall - no one seemed to leave during the discussion and there was always a good crowd around the booth.  Hats off to the Podango folks for a great idea and for letting me participate.

I can't say that we really solved anything during the 30 minutes of discussion, but people seemed to agree with the problem areas I presented. The solution probably requires that podcasters will need to become united on a short list of requirements or standards that can hold directories responsible for by either endorsement or ratings.

After the discussion I had a couple of great interactions.  A couple of sites that seem to be headed in the right direction are:

NOTE: If you want a copy of the PDF of the presentation send me email - [email protected].