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TECH NEWS RADIO #293 | 060621 | Review of Podcasting For Dummies

Technoloyg News Podcast Updates - A TechNewsRadio.com Review (TNPR-002)

I have to highly recommend Jon Udell's recent podcast with CJ Rayhill & Allen Noren both at O'Reilly and Associates.  There is some great discussion on learning, education, computer science, and web services.

Some other items that look potentially interesting that crossed my virtual inbox:

On the minus side though, I seem to be getting less and less out of The Gillmor Gang, and find myself very willing to just fast forward to the next podcast in the queue. I think some of the reasons are: inside jokes with no background, complaining with no solutions, off-topic side-bars, poor audio quality, and little respect for the time necessary to spend listening hoping for a golden nugget.

 (Size 1.6 MBs, Running Time 3m25s)


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