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TECH NEWS RADIO #294 | 060628 | EMC - The Storage Giant Gets Bigger

This podcast is all about  We examine content from the following industry trade magazines: Network World, Information Week, InfoWorld, Computer Reseller News, eWeek, Federal Computer Week, and Computer World; and try to synthesize the information into a systems analysis quick-look summary.

Here is a list of companies that we mention from the research that EMC has recently had an acquisition announcement, partnership agreement, or a technology purchase from:

RSA Security, Dell, Arkivio, StoredIQ, Kashya Interlink Group, Acxiom, Internosis, Acartus, Captiva, Maranti, Rainfinity, Legato Systems, Documentum, and Smarts.

EMC has also announced the following new or updated products in recent months:

From our perspective, EMC definitely seems to have a structured roadmap to transition from 'just a storage solutions provider' to a full service 'data classification system' with hooks from the bottom of the protocol stack to the top.

This podcast is sponsored by O'Reilly and Associates Safari Bookshelf online technical library.

 (Size 5.6 MBs, Running Time 12m0s)


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