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Podcast Academy 3 - Audacity 101 Slides

Here are my Audacity 101 slides (PDF) [2.3-MBs] that I used for my presentation at Podcast Academy 3.  The feedback was positive and my the time I got back to my computer I already had three requests for the slides, so that is encouraging.  I do think there is defintiely room for improvement and any feedback is appreciate.

Thanks also to David Ducassou and Nicolas Perego for letting me use an upcoming pre-release how-to guide that should be coming out soon on improving recorded voice audio in Audacity.  Also thanks to the great team at for encouragment.

I would love to do this session in a 2 to 3 hour class room setting were everyone had a copy of Audacity loaded up on laptops, and we could walk through all the concepts hands on.  By the end of the class at least everyone who have completed all the steps to build a generic podcast.  Maybe something around the Sep. 29-30, 2006 Podcast & Portable Media Expo.

Kudos to Doug Kaye for letting me present and to Yahoo! for being awesome hosts.


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I absolutely agree

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