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More Tech Podcast Resources and Reviews (TNPR-003)

Podcasting is a big deal in the technology world (as if you didn't know that already). 

Not only because techies are early adopters, but also because it is a great medium for getting technical information that you can consume while either at your computer (multi-tasking) or away from your computer (mobile). 

Here are some new pointers that crossed my inbox over the last week or so:

Another big thing for the tech podcast marketplace is news that Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft for, which has raised a great deal of recent VC funding.  The thing I like about Robert is that he already posted some ideas on improving PodTech even before really officially starting over there.

As an "independent" technology podcaster who strives to be as transparent as possible, I think PodTech's biggest issue is going to be credibility around their analysis of a product, service, or organization they are producing for. Otherwise they will only be viewed as paid info-commercials with a one-way message. 

Creating dialog and trust is going to be a big deal for them.

 (Size 1.8 MBs, Running Time 3m55s)



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