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More Tech Podcast Resources and Reviews (TNPR-003)

Podcasting is a big deal in the technology world (as if you didn't know that already). 

Not only because techies are early adopters, but also because it is a great medium for getting technical information that you can consume while either at your computer (multi-tasking) or away from your computer (mobile). 

Here are some new pointers that crossed my inbox over the last week or so:

Another big thing for the tech podcast marketplace is news that Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft for, which has raised a great deal of recent VC funding.  The thing I like about Robert is that he already posted some ideas on improving PodTech even before really officially starting over there.

As an "independent" technology podcaster who strives to be as transparent as possible, I think PodTech's biggest issue is going to be credibility around their analysis of a product, service, or organization they are producing for. Otherwise they will only be viewed as paid info-commercials with a one-way message. 

Creating dialog and trust is going to be a big deal for them.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #294 | 060628 | EMC - The Storage Giant Gets Bigger

This podcast is all about  We examine content from the following industry trade magazines: Network World, Information Week, InfoWorld, Computer Reseller News, eWeek, Federal Computer Week, and Computer World; and try to synthesize the information into a systems analysis quick-look summary.

Here is a list of companies that we mention from the research that EMC has recently had an acquisition announcement, partnership agreement, or a technology purchase from:

RSA Security, Dell, Arkivio, StoredIQ, Kashya Interlink Group, Acxiom, Internosis, Acartus, Captiva, Maranti, Rainfinity, Legato Systems, Documentum, and Smarts.

EMC has also announced the following new or updated products in recent months:

From our perspective, EMC definitely seems to have a structured roadmap to transition from 'just a storage solutions provider' to a full service 'data classification system' with hooks from the bottom of the protocol stack to the top.

This podcast is sponsored by O'Reilly and Associates Safari Bookshelf online technical library.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #293 | 060621 | Review of Podcasting For Dummies

Today's podcast is a short review and recommendation of "Podcasting For Dummies" by Tee Morris and Evo Terra.

How does it compare to other podcast books we have reviewed:

You'll have to listen to find out.

This podcast is sponsored by O'Reilly and Associates Safari Bookshelf online technical library.

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Technoloyg News Podcast Updates - A Review (TNPR-002)

I have to highly recommend Jon Udell's recent podcast with CJ Rayhill & Allen Noren both at O'Reilly and Associates.  There is some great discussion on learning, education, computer science, and web services.

Some other items that look potentially interesting that crossed my virtual inbox:

On the minus side though, I seem to be getting less and less out of The Gillmor Gang, and find myself very willing to just fast forward to the next podcast in the queue. I think some of the reasons are: inside jokes with no background, complaining with no solutions, off-topic side-bars, poor audio quality, and little respect for the time necessary to spend listening hoping for a golden nugget.

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Podcast Academy 3 - Audacity 101 Slides

Here are my Audacity 101 slides (PDF) [2.3-MBs] that I used for my presentation at Podcast Academy 3.  The feedback was positive and my the time I got back to my computer I already had three requests for the slides, so that is encouraging.  I do think there is defintiely room for improvement and any feedback is appreciate.

Thanks also to David Ducassou and Nicolas Perego for letting me use an upcoming pre-release how-to guide that should be coming out soon on improving recorded voice audio in Audacity.  Also thanks to the great team at for encouragment.

I would love to do this session in a 2 to 3 hour class room setting were everyone had a copy of Audacity loaded up on laptops, and we could walk through all the concepts hands on.  By the end of the class at least everyone who have completed all the steps to build a generic podcast.  Maybe something around the Sep. 29-30, 2006 Podcast & Portable Media Expo.

Kudos to Doug Kaye for letting me present and to Yahoo! for being awesome hosts.

TECH NEWS RADIO #292 | 060613 | OpenOffice, Google, JavaOne, Sun Servers, VisioCafe, Rate My Network Diagram, SysAdmin Appreciate Day, and Conferences

This podcast mentions the following links:

We also provide you a quick update on some upcoming conferences that you should be aware of:

This podcast is sponsored by O'Reilly and Associates Safari Bookshelf online technical library.

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TECH NEWS RADIO #291 | 060606 | Tom Bihn, Brain Bag, Brain Cells, Areonaut, and Archetype

Today's podcast is all about Tom Bihn and the awesome products they offer those that have to carry technology gear.

But we also touch briefly on our iTunes comments competition, Podcast Academy 3, and TechNewsRadio's Frappr Map.

Links mentioned in this podcast include:

This podcast is sponsored by O'Reilly and Associates Safari Bookshelf online technical library.

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More Great Tech Podcast Recommendations

I recently listened to the following two podcasts and found them worth recommending:

  • Distributing the Future (DTF 05-22-2006):  The middile interview with Brad Fitzpatrick of LiveJournal and Six Apart is very interesting from both a systems integration standpoint and from a software developer's perspective.
  • FLOSS Weekly #6: With Larry Augustin who started VA Linux and now has a host of open source enterprise solutions in a portfolio he helps foster.

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