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TECH NEWS RADIO #240 (Podcasts, Wired, GP2X, Tavo Gloves, Prefab Houses)

Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) Podcast #040 [eWeek, Wired, Network Computing, Computer World, Information Week, Network World, Forbes, GCN, CIO Magazine, CRN, and SD Times]

Tech Rag Tear Outs for Friday, Dec. 9th, 2005.  Our 40th show has been found and released.  ;-) Sorry for the delay. [OPML]

wedge (00:00-04:04) Introduction
*Feed back or show content ideas can be sent to:  technewsradio@gmail.com.

*Official Beer of the Show: Coors Winterfest Ale - Brewed Once A Year in Celebration of the Season
wedge (04:04-16:47) Part 1
wedge eWeek (www.eweek.com):
*NetApp has a new operating system in the works called Data OnTap GX that is optimized for fabric-attached storage and should be on them market in early 2006.
*Xantrex Technology's XPower Pocket PowerPack 100 offers an external additional NiMH battery solution for a for mobile users.
*Wired (www.wired.com): Neruros Audio (www.neurosaduio.com) MPEG-4 Recorder can create MPEG-4 files from TV feeds, DVD players, or any other video source from a composite output. It can record to CompactFlash or SD cards; and can transfer files via USB 2.0 port. The unit costs $130.
wedgeNetwork Computing (www.nwc.com): Bruce Boradman has a great article you should check down if you do an configuration management. The article outlines how to create a configuration-management database or CMDB that can support audit, control, and automation. The core background for creating the CMDB is done by utilizing resources fro IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Links mentioned in article:
* ITIL People (www.itilpeople.com)
* ITIL Survival (www.itilsurvival.com)
* Microsoft (www.microsoft.com)
* Managed Objects (www.managedobjects.com)
* OpsWare (www.opsware.com)
* Pink Elephant (www.pinkelephant.com)
wedge Computer World (www.computerworld.com):
* Russell Kay has a great intro article to Ruby on Rails. [AmigoFish.com an example?]
* HP has announced Storage Essentials 5.0.
wedge Information Week (www.informationweek.com): TabletPCs are strong in niche markets: health-care, pharmaceutical, and education. What will get them more mainstream? Units mentioned:
* Lenovo ThinkPad X41
* Fujitsu Lifebook P1510D
* Hewlett-Packard TC4200
* Motion Computing LS800
wedge (16:48-29:52) Part 2
wedge Network World (www.networkworld.com):
*Sun Lucent, and Echoworx have announced a new encryption service.
*NetIQ has a new tool called Changed Guardian for Active Directory that can audit and monitor changes in real time.
*Forbes (www.forbes.com): Ready Fready (www.readyfreddy.com) has a $150 emergency knapsack that is color coded and labeled: Light-Power-Communications; Tools-Supplies-Food-Water; Protection; Personal; and First Aid.
*Government Computer News (www.gcn.com): Red Hat & Sun aim for Level 4 Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance
*CIO Magazine (www.cio.com): Had an ad for the new Motion Computing LS800 Tablet PC: 2.2 pounds; 8.4" SVGA, and Intel Centrino Mobile savvy
*Computer Reseller News (www.crn.com): Antec (www.antec.com) P-1800 PC Case [$159].
*Software Developer Times (www.sdtimes.com): Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB XML 2.2 has performance boosts up to 500%
wedge (29:53-36:00) Conclusion
*Music at the end from Bill Watson (www.billywatson.com).  The song is a short sample from the "Disinterested Wedding Song" from his new album Absolutely Live at the Rhythm Cafe - Billy Watson and the International Silver String Submarine Band."
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