Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 6, 2005
Yahoo Announces Podcasting Services

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 7, 2005

First up it was almost one year ago that I did my first podcast.  On Oct. 8th, 2004 I did an internal for work podcast .  And on the 10th of Oct. I did my first Tech Rag Tear Outs.  Thanks for everyone who has been listening and supporting this effort.

Let's examine some recent computer network security news:

  • There is a new book from the "Stealing the Network" series called "How to Own an Identity" . The other books in the series were entitled: "How to Own the Box" and "How to Own a Continent".  This book is written by: Timothy Mullen, Johnny Long, Riley Eller, Ryan Russell, Chris Hurley, Brian Hatch, Raven Alder, Jay Beale, Tom Parker, and Jeff Moss. This book looks at how a hacker group trieds to evade law enforcement and cover their tracks ultimately hoping to vanish into thin air. (ISBN: 1-59749-006-7)
  • There is a great presentation entitled Identity 2.0 given at the recent OSCON 2005 conference that is definitely worth checking out.  It is posted in Flash, QuickTime, or Windows Media formats.
  • Please check out Web Application Security Consortium's Web Security Threat Classification material in English, Japanese, Spanish, and Turkish. This is a cooperative effort to clarify and organize the threats to the security of a web site, and to describe these issues in a consistent way so that application developers, security professionals, software vendors, and compliance auditors are all on the same page.

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GotoMeeting & event for October 2005 being planned.


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