Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 13, 14, & 15, 2005
Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 19, 2005

Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) Podcast #034 [Gov. Computer News, Forbes, Federal Computer Week, Software Developer Times, Computer Reseller News, and SC Magazine. Plus a special summary report on Microsoft Vista from seven (7) sources]

Show 34 has been finished and uploaded ... HTML show notes are below ... OPML is available via this link ...

wedge (00:00-03:47) Introduction
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*Intro from Jeremy Wright @
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*OmniOutliner on my new Apple iBook is being used to generate HTML and OPML show notes
*Official Beer of the Show: Grand Teton Brewing's Sweetgrass India Pale Ale which has a very strong taste and rich aroma. Pop the bottle cap off and you'll smell the hops within seconds. Very nice.
wedge (03:48-13:48) Primary Content
* Government Computer News ( 32" and 24" inches LCD displays are useful replacements for legacy displays in conference rooms, training setups, and executive offices. The article included pointers to solutions from: Apple, BenQ, Dell, Formac, Gateway, HP, NEC, Samsung, and Sharp. [07.11.05, pg. 30]
wedgeComputer Reseller News (
*HP has a new 2.4 pound portable digital projector called the "mp2210" with a list price of $1499. It offers 1500-lumens at a 2200:1 contrast ratio, and DLP technology.
*IBM has announced plans to offer an "open web-based" virtualization system that can give a "portal" view of all system resources across an enterprise. This Virtualization Engine 2.0 with Resource Dependency Service.
*SC Magazine ( Review of 7 AntiVirus Management solutions, Recommend Award = AVG Anti-Virus; Best Buy = Kaspersky Administration Kit
*Software Developer Times ( Yahoo purchased Konfabulator desktop enhancer, and is now releasing the software for free download for Windows and Mac OS X. It will also be integrated with support with Yahoo XML APIs.
*Federal Computer Week ( There may be some problems with RFID within the DOD. It turns out that massive-phased array radar systems using the 420-450-MHz frequency can have unintended consequences when they come into contact with RFID equipment. Right now there is a new 25-mile RFID protection zone for: Beale AFB (CA), Cape Code AFS (MA), Cavalier AFS (ND), Clear AFS (AL), and Eglin AFB (FL).
*Forbes ( In a recent Forbes FYI, Thomas Jackson looks at the Archos PMA430, Sony PSP, Palm LifeDrive, and Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.
wedge (13:49-30:30) Vista Special Report (formerly Longhorn)
*Content from: PC World, Network World, Information Week, InfoWorld, eWeek, PC Magazine, and Maximum PC
wedgeHigh-level Functional (or Focus) Areas:
* Interface
* Data
* Security Model
* System Administration
* Enterprise
* Internet Explorer (IE) 7
* Miscellaneous Info
wedge Things to Do:
* Evaluate the new tools
* Test applications and drivers
* Check how GUI effects user training
* Developer APIs should be studied (WinFX replaces Win32)
wedge URLs For More Info:
* InformationWeek on Vista:—vista.htm
*  PC Magazine on Vista:—vista
*  Microsoft Today:
wedge (30:31-34:44) Ending The Show
wedge Music for the show from
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* Listener comments: 206-337-1533


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