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Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) Podcast #034 [Gov. Computer News, Forbes, Federal Computer Week, Software Developer Times, Computer Reseller News, and SC Magazine. Plus a special summary report on Microsoft Vista from seven (7) sources]

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wedge (00:00-03:47) Introduction
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*Intro from Jeremy Wright @
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*Official Beer of the Show: Grand Teton Brewing's Sweetgrass India Pale Ale which has a very strong taste and rich aroma. Pop the bottle cap off and you'll smell the hops within seconds. Very nice.
wedge (03:48-13:48) Primary Content
* Government Computer News ( 32" and 24" inches LCD displays are useful replacements for legacy displays in conference rooms, training setups, and executive offices. The article included pointers to solutions from: Apple, BenQ, Dell, Formac, Gateway, HP, NEC, Samsung, and Sharp. [07.11.05, pg. 30]
wedgeComputer Reseller News (
*HP has a new 2.4 pound portable digital projector called the "mp2210" with a list price of $1499. It offers 1500-lumens at a 2200:1 contrast ratio, and DLP technology.
*IBM has announced plans to offer an "open web-based" virtualization system that can give a "portal" view of all system resources across an enterprise. This Virtualization Engine 2.0 with Resource Dependency Service.
*SC Magazine ( Review of 7 AntiVirus Management solutions, Recommend Award = AVG Anti-Virus; Best Buy = Kaspersky Administration Kit
*Software Developer Times ( Yahoo purchased Konfabulator desktop enhancer, and is now releasing the software for free download for Windows and Mac OS X. It will also be integrated with support with Yahoo XML APIs.
*Federal Computer Week ( There may be some problems with RFID within the DOD. It turns out that massive-phased array radar systems using the 420-450-MHz frequency can have unintended consequences when they come into contact with RFID equipment. Right now there is a new 25-mile RFID protection zone for: Beale AFB (CA), Cape Code AFS (MA), Cavalier AFS (ND), Clear AFS (AL), and Eglin AFB (FL).
*Forbes ( In a recent Forbes FYI, Thomas Jackson looks at the Archos PMA430, Sony PSP, Palm LifeDrive, and Nokia 770 Internet Tablet.
wedge (13:49-30:30) Vista Special Report (formerly Longhorn)
*Content from: PC World, Network World, Information Week, InfoWorld, eWeek, PC Magazine, and Maximum PC
wedgeHigh-level Functional (or Focus) Areas:
* Interface
* Data
* Security Model
* System Administration
* Enterprise
* Internet Explorer (IE) 7
* Miscellaneous Info
wedge Things to Do:
* Evaluate the new tools
* Test applications and drivers
* Check how GUI effects user training
* Developer APIs should be studied (WinFX replaces Win32)
wedge URLs For More Info:
* InformationWeek on Vista:—vista.htm
*  PC Magazine on Vista:—vista
*  Microsoft Today:
wedge (30:31-34:44) Ending The Show
wedge Music for the show from
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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 13, 14, & 15, 2005

Today's news is from MindJet whose flagship product is Mind Manager.  The latest version 6 was released on Tuesday and will be shipping on the 20th of September 2005. 

Why (?) use this product in the first place you might ask:

  • I have been using it (Mind Manger 5) for the last year as a great way to: conceptualize new ideas, start projects, and hold meetings. 
  • It also a pretty good tool for capturing and planning to-do list items and high-level project schedules.
  • In addition, it works well with Windows and Microsoft Office, especially linking data from Outlook into MindMaps.

Here are some of the things from my perspective (as a beta tester) that really makes this a powerful product upgrade worth considering:

  • Editable outline view ("This was my number one feature request!")
  • Better output options for Microsoft Visio & Powerpoint; and native "linking" support to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets & web pages via Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Capture data directly in new charts or spreadsheets data elements
  • New organizational chart layout generator and improved map formatting
  • Action tracking via topic alerts and topic numbering
  • Improvements to Windows XP TabletPC interfaces

Definitely worth taking a look at as a core tool in your tech software bag of tricks.  I hightly recommend the product.  It should easily pay for itself just by improving meeting notes and brainstorming.

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Technical Woes

Sept. 12, 2005:

OK ... we are making some progress.  Some great guys at Craig @, the Adam @ The MacCast Podcast, Kevin & George @ InTheTrenches, and Tim @ MacReviewCast have gotten me to about 50% on the "recording" part of podcasting on my iBook. 

And I finally figured out that Firefox is much better than Safari with TypePad, so I got the Sept. 7th show posted.  Please download and let me know if things are working via the Web and/or your podcatching client.  If things are working for folks, then I'll bust out the 8th and 9th shows; and finish recording the 12th and 13th show.  Maybe tomorrow we can get caught up!  Thanks for the kind emails of encouragement. - Steve

Sept. 9, 2005:

We are having some minor troubles in our grand plan to move from Windows XP desktop to Apple OS X via a new iBook as our podcast workstation.

I have the 7th, 8th, and 9th of Sept. 2005 podcasts complete.  But there are some quality and production issues we are working through ... mostly with Audacity ... that have caused us to fall behind.

We should be back very soon.  Sorry for the delay. -- Steve (

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for Sept. 12, 2005

Today's podcast looks at news from, XstreamRadio, and Newsgator. has a hands-on review of a USB 2.0 to IDE cable that was sent to them by  It turns out that this cable is probably a very useful tool for system administrators supporting laptop users, power users who move a lot a data back and forth between multiple devices, and anyone doing digital cyber-forensic work on evaluating contents of an IDE drive.

XstreamRadio is a Windows desktop radio application which links into over 700 international streaming radio stations. It also has a unique feature of allowing easy recording to MP3 format for future time-shifted listening.

NewsGator (the RSS reader, RSS enterprise server, and hosting company) has made a major step forward and opened up their NewsGator Online API for both commercial and non-commercial use.  They are going have a competition to see who can use the APIs to build new innovative solutions.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 9, 2005

wedge Today's podcast is "TabletPC" Friday! We examine news from:
* Network World (including Keith Shaw's Cool Tool column)
* (via Tim Barjarin Corporate Nomad column).
wedge Devices mentioned include {TabletPC @ Amazon}:
* Fujitsu LifeBook P1510D
* ACER TravelMate C314XMi
* Fujitsu Lifebook T4000
* HP's tc4200
* Motion LE 1600
* Toshiba Tecra M4
* Lenovo's ThinkPad X41 Tablet
* Vulcan
* Also kudos to Stone Brewery of San Diego County for their amazingly good Stone 9th Aniversary Ale with a 7.8% alc. vol. in a 1 Pt. 6 FL Oz bottle. Not only is it a spectaularly good tasting ale but the bottle is big enough to generously share with a friend, loved one, or significant other.

NOTE: The above outline came from OmniOutliner Professional (opml).

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 8, 2005

FileMaker Pro 8 is now shipping.  Some new features that look compelling:

  • Create and share data from the database via Adobe PDFs that can be automatically password protected.
  • Output data in Microsoft Excel files for sharing and non-database analysis or reporting.
  • Email contents of any field within a database record.

There are also a host of new features to add in the creation of: customized search, building layouts, auto complete data entry, calendar interfaces, and integrated spell checker.

There are also new versions of the "Advanced" and the "Server" versions of FileMaker Pro 8.

In related news, PC World for Oct05 has a "new product" review of this new version on page 50.  The reviewer, Edward Albro, gave this version a 4.5 out of 5 score.  The article noted something the press release that I summarized above -- the list price for this version is $299 {Amazon} and upgrades from Pro 7 are $179 {Amazon}.  The highlighted new capabilities in the article: more options for sharing data, improved Web publishing features, and easier data input.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 7, 2005

Today's podcast examines some upcoming conferences of potential interest:

CTIA Wireless IT & Entertainment is Sept 27-29, 2005 in San Francisco, CA

Enterprise Architectures Conference is Oct 25-27, 2005 in Las Vegas, NV with sponsors from DCI, Mega, Telelogic, Troux Technologies, and Unisys.

Nano 2005 will be in Boston, MA from Nov 10th until the 11th of 2005.  The theme of this conference is 'To Solve Big Problems, Think Small'.  Some sponsors include: NASA, Boston University, ReedSmith, mPhase, and BI*PHAN Technologies.

Enterprise IP Communications Symposium will be in San Jose, CA from Oct 5-6, 2005.  Platinum sponsors include: Cisco, HP and Avaya.  This conference seems heave on telecommunications, VoIP, and other communications technologies.

VMworld 2005 will be Tue, Oct 18th through Thurs, Oct 20 in Las Vegas, NV at Mandalay Bay Hotel & Resort.  For more information call 866-405-2516 or 650-226-0830.

In addition to these conferences, it might be interesting to note that Learning Tree has announced the following "NEW" courses:

  • Developing ASP.NET 2.0 Web Applications
  • User Requirements for Software Development
  • Managing Information Overload: Working Faster and Smarter
  • Managing with Metrics: Statistical Decision Making

Lastly, CompuMaster is hosting in Calif., Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Mississippi, and Hawaii throughout the months of Oct through Dec 2005 a two day hands on workshop called "Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Microsoft SQL Server."

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 6, 2005

IBM via the Robert Frances Group (RFG) has released a new study on the cost between running Windows and Linux within a mid-size to large enterprise organization.

The headline from article is "Linux 40 percent cheaper than Windows, exclaims IBM" and the author of the article is Matthew Broersma.

The audio for this podcast has details on the parameters of the study, some of the tech details, some interesting tidbits found by the study, and the recommendations from the study.

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Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for September 5, 2005

Today we examine ClipMate 6. This is a great utility for Windows users and it is one of my favorite power tools. It was developed by Thornsoft back in 1991 and they have been continually improving the software since then.

The key main feature is that this is a multi-capture clipboard that can have an unlimited clipboard history.  Once captured, you can edit, reformat like to HTML, and mange your clips into logical organizations.  You can also print and spell-check clips.

Three other key features I use all the time are:

  • PowerPaste which lets you "rapid fire" clips into an application
  • QuickPaste via key commands
  • Screen capture to BITMAP or JPEG either the whole screen or portions of a screen

I definitely highly recommend this program.

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