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Tech Tidbits Daily for July 29, 2005

Maximum PC published for July 2005 gives the Hitachi 7K500 Deskstar 500-GB 7200-rpm hard drive a KICK ASS Product award with a 9 out of 10 rating. The author of the article is Josh Norem.

A special thanks goes out also to Kreg Steppe, Victor Cajiao, Shelly Brisbin, Charlie George, Joe Burgess, Jennifer Snoddy, and Kevin Devin for filling in for me with Tech Tidbits Dailies while I am on vacation.

Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) #031 [Computer Reseller News, PC Magazine Government Computer News, and SC Magazine]

The 31st podcast of Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) has been posted.  Here are the detailed show notes: Signs Major Multi-Podcast Sponsorship!, the top technical audio podcast resource worldwide, announced today a first of its kind sponsorship deal with, a Citrix Online product

Spokesperson Todd Cochrane says, what is significant is that this is the very first multi-podcast sponsorship deal. This agreement is a large win for our members and the network. A significant amount of work lead to getting to this day, with the network barely being 6 months old it is evident that when like minded podcasters come together and build a branded network, along with developing a legal marketable framework, with the necessary statistics reporting, then by presenting a well laid out marketing plan, we were able to sign this sponsorship deal. This solidifies our ideals that "podcasters do the work, and indeed podcasters get paid". is uniquely positioned to deliver the message. More impressive in June the network reached 135,000 unique listeners, and saw record traffic of over 750,000 unique downloads among the 20 reporting affiliates.

This sponsorship is the perfect marketing fit, we have the technical audience, and we will be able to directly reach decision makers in the technical community. We look forward to a successful campaign and a long term relationship with is a network of independent audio content producers who have agreed to create child safe, educational content as well as work collectively to build the best collection of Technical Podcast available on the Internet.

Tech Tidbits Daily for July 21, 2005

Intel has announced two new Intel Itanium 2 processors both running at 1.66-GHz but now with 667 megahertz (MHz) front side bus (FSB) compared to current offerings of 400-MHz FSB.  The other difference between the two new processors is that one offers 9-MB of cache and the other comes with 6-MB.

The new FSB speed will enable according to Intel up to 10.6 gigabits of data per second to pass from the processor to other system components. In contrast, the current generation 400 MHz FSB transfers 6.4 gigabits of data per second.