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Tech Tidbits Daily for Apr. 22, 2005

This is your Tech Tidbits Daily for Friday, April 22nd, 2005. Today's podcast contains three items of potential interest all focusing on database technologies.

First is a recent news item from Computer Reseller News that examined the new MySQL v5 that is expected to be released soon.  Some key new features include: stored procedures, triggers, and views.  Subscription support services will also be available starting at just under $600 per server per year.

Next is that I noticed that Dell is aggressively advertising in many of the tech magazines that they now offer a 5-user pack of Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One for Windows for $745, or you can get this bundled and installed on a Dell PowerEdge 1850 Server starting at $2949 with a reported savings of $700.

Lastly, an advertising insert called Developer Tools Roadmap publishing in Jan 2005, had a product highlight article on Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB that focused on the two optimized versions of Berkeley DB for native XML and the other for 100% Java.  This tool also has application programming interfaces for C, C++, Perl, Python, and TCL.  And it can also run customized platforms utilizing Linux, BSD Unix, VXWorks, and QNX.

For more information about the links mentioned in this podcast, or for more details on how to subscribe to this podcast check out www.technewsradio.com. You can also send audio or email feedback to technewsradio@gmail.com; or you can leave audio comments by calling 206-337-1533. Have a great day.


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