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Tech Tidbits Daily for Apr. 13, 2005

This is your Tech Tidbits Daily for Wednesday, April 13th, 2005. Today's podcast contains one item of potential interest and one listener feedback:

Network Notepad v4.2.7 is now available to download at This freeware program for creating interactive network diagrams runs on Microsoft a host of Windows operating systems including Windows 2000 and XP. Some other features to this drag and drop enabled tool includes: point-and-click telnet; browse through diagram options, user-definable network management; open, text based file format; printing; linked diagrams; and flow charts.

There is also an audio comment from Brad Gibson @ The Bradcast. For more information about the links mentioned in this podcast, or for more details on how to subscribe to this podcast check out You can also send audio or email feedback to; or you can leave audio comments by calling 206-337-1533. Have a great day.


Steve Holden

Jason (the author of this tool reports via email) that Network Notepad v4.2.8 is now available to download at . It is just an updated netpad.exe file. Copy this file over the existing netpad.exe file in c:\program files\network notepad or the equivalent folder. Make sure Network Notepad is not running when you do this.

Also there is a new tool available to download -- A demo version of "Network Trapper". Now your network speaks up and tells you what's going on!

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