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Tech Tidbits Daily for Feb. 08, 2005

About TechNewsRadio

The goal of this site and the podcasts being distributed is to help provide timely, transparent, and useful technical news to the information technology (IT) community from both a personal and professional perspective.

Information provided is from a host of sources, and is currently being offered in the following formats:

  • Tech Rag Tear Outs: a weekly podcast (published on Tuesdays) that examines in detail a wide variety of technology topics from industry trade magazines with a focus on integration of new technology into existing infrastructures
  • Technology Podcast Reviews: a regular examination of the latest technology podcast news and recommendations of technology podcast content listened to
  • Tech Tidbits Analysis Segment: a short one topic item podcast that highlights a specific technology trend or focus area that is of potential high interest to the community
  • Technologist Interviews: Periodic question and answers with technology leaders & thinkers from conferences and other interactions

As always, comments, suggestions, feedback, kudos, and donations are welcome. 

s/n Steve Holden


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