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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prepping For Next TNR Podcast #373 {DRAFT}

Currently prepping for content related to the next podcast (Tech News Radio #373 - no ETA yet of publication date).  The following are items currently in the queue for being included in the next podcast:

The following are currently items of interest but probably not something we will cover in the next podcast (they propobably will be posted on @technewsradio):

  • The 'new' eXploit magazine is devoted to learning about and examining exploits.  The first edition is focused on: Metasploit, PMI, WSDL, SOAP, DoS
  • Wickr is a secure communications app for Apple iOS that has no central repository of msgs & includes a msg self-destruct option
  • Path is a "social network" that limits your social circle to no more than 150 people (aka Dunbar's number)
  • Pair is an mobile application that only allows for communication between just two people

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