TECH NEWS RADIO #243 (Tech Rag Tear Outs with content from CRN, eWeek, FCW, and NWC)
Snippet From Gadget Show Podcast Highlights Clustered Debian Linux For Backend Of SecondLife

Some New Tech Related Audio Links

Here are some new audio related "technology" podcasts and other resources:

  • WS launches with Brian Offenberger as host a new e-commerce RSS Radio Show. [Renee Blodgett]
  • Scott Hanselman who has in the past said "podcasts suck" now has a podcast.
  • Bret Padres and Ovie Carrol have created a computer forensics and computer security podcast called CyberSpeak. [subscribe]
  • Sys-Con has a podcast with details from Oracle and Sun on the future of Java.  Here is the link (beware one of those anonying pop-up ads seems to hover of the page).
  • MacWorld staff have posted their wrap-up podcast for MacWorld 2006 SF.
  • IGN PS2's Chris Roper has a podcast update outlining the latest in gaming hardware and a few games shown off at this year's CES.
  • If you are a mobile tech professional, you might want to check out Mobility Today's podcasts.


Scott Hanselman

Podcasts now suck slightly less. :) I'm trying to make mine not suck at all.

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