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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 5, 2005

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eBooks, while not commercially very successful, still continue to be created and marketed.  A new one recently caught my eye ... but I can't remember the source, probably Engadget or Gizmodo. 

The company producing the units is called JINKE, and the units of potential interest are the V2 eBook that runs something called WOLF OS (proprietary?) and the upcoming V8 eBook that will run both WOLF OS and will support LINUX.  The units can apparently read DOC, XLS, PPT, IMAGES, HTML, TXT, and play audio material like MP3s. 

There is also an available SDK for purchase, and the company is apparently very interested in OEM'ing solutions for other companies.

I thought the devices might be interesting "NewsPods" offering a combo of integrated HTML or rich Internet formats and podcasting.

Save 10% at! [Also $1.99 domain sale absolutely ends on 10/10/05. Use code "TECH3".]

GotoMeeting & event for October 2005 being planned.

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