Update on Tech Rag Tear Outs #037
Tech Tidbits Daily Podcast for October 31, 2005

Tech Rag Tear Outs (TRTO) Podcast #037 [MaximumPC, eWeek, Network World, Computer Reseller News, Government Computer News, Forbes, and InfoWorld]

Show 37 has finally been finished and uploaded ... HTML show notes (thanks OmniOutliner) minus great links (maybe later?) are below (plus an OPML file is available also):

wedge (00:00-03:17) Introduction
* Intro: Jeremy Wright (Thanks!)
* Primary content for todays podcast (7): MaximumPC, eWeek, Network World, Computer Reseller News, Government Computer News, Forbes, and InfoWorld
wedge Official Beer of the Show ... is San Diego's Karl Straus (www.karlstrauss.com) Oktoberfest
wedge (03:18-30:32) Primary Content
wedge MaximumPC (www.maximumpc.com)
* Koolance (www.koolance.com) Exos 2 [external water cooling kit]
wedge eWeek (www.eweek.com):
* ShoreTel 6 VoIP/SIP Server system plus switches and handsets
* FileMaker Pro 8 ($299) and Advanced $499)
wedge Network World (www.networkworld.com):
* Network storage testing: ReadyNAS 600 (www.infrant.com); Yellow Machine (www.anthologysolutions.com); 200d with Rev drive included (www.iomega.com); Storage Central SC 101 (www.netgear.com). With ReadyNAS 600 score 4.5 out of 5.0 and a "Clear Choice Award).
* EMC has released a new version of Recover Point (previously a product from Mendocino Software).
* Mobile Linux for Handhelds & Handsets (www.osdl.org—mil) with support from MontaVista Software, Motorola, PalmSource, Trolltech, and Wind River Systems
* Keith Shaw's CoolTool = Scores the Sony Vaio T350P a 4.5 out of 5.0. Key reasons: integrated wireless comms (Bluetooth, WLAN, and Cingular EDGE) and DVD/CDROM at 3 pounds with 10.6-inch widescreen LCD
* Oregon State University's Open Source Lab
wedge Computer Reseller News (www.crn.com):
* Microsoft has plans to in Spring 2006 to get into the hosted CRM business and then follow with ERP.
* Government Computer News (www.gcn.com): The U.S. Air Force on behalf of the DOD's Enterprise Software Initiative has signed a 5 year $182 million agreement with Symantec for a host of products for all DOD organizations including Coast Guard, Intelligence Agencies, and some Defense contractors.
wedge Forbes (www.forbes.com):
* Stephen Manes in his Digital Tools column for 31Oct05 examines "Flat's Where It's At." Some products mentioned: Sony MFM-HT75W, HP f2105, Dual Planar PL1910M + Ergotron DS100 stand
wedge InfoWorld (www.infoworld.com):
* TeleCommunications Systems (www.telecomsys.com) SwiftLink 2300 gets a 8.3 out of 10.0 (Very Good) Score in their Test Center report for 10.10.05. Also examined was the SwiftLink 5110 (GSM cell phone), and SwiftLink DVM-90 (VSAT)
* Also examined in the 10.10.05 edition was identity management solutions from: Courion.com, IBM.com, Microsoft.com, Novell.com, Sun.com, and ThorTech.com. Novell Identity Manager 2 scored 8.2 (Very Good) just beating out solutions from Sun and Thor Technologies.
* Moving back in time a little to 09.05.05, enterprise search was tested: ISYS Desktop 7, X1 Enterprise Edition, dtSearch 7.01, and Google Desktop Search for Enterprise. All of the solutions ranked VERY GOOD (between 8.4 and 8.6 out of 10.0).
wedge (30:32-37:30) Ending The Show
wedge Music for the show from a band that Dave Slusher turned me on to from his podcast Evil Genius Chronicles (www.evilgeniuschronicles.org)
* Song: BubbleBee
* Artist: Coconut Monkey
* Thanks to Harold Reed @ the DarnPC podcast for continuing to support the bandwidth needs of this show.  I really appreciate it.
* You can call in comments to: 206-337-1533 or go over to FriendsInTech.com and post a comment to our Forums (forums.friendsintech.com).

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