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Monday, September 12, 2005

Technical Woes

Sept. 12, 2005:

OK ... we are making some progress.  Some great guys at Craig @, the Adam @ The MacCast Podcast, Kevin & George @ InTheTrenches, and Tim @ MacReviewCast have gotten me to about 50% on the "recording" part of podcasting on my iBook. 

And I finally figured out that Firefox is much better than Safari with TypePad, so I got the Sept. 7th show posted.  Please download and let me know if things are working via the Web and/or your podcatching client.  If things are working for folks, then I'll bust out the 8th and 9th shows; and finish recording the 12th and 13th show.  Maybe tomorrow we can get caught up!  Thanks for the kind emails of encouragement. - Steve

Sept. 9, 2005:

We are having some minor troubles in our grand plan to move from Windows XP desktop to Apple OS X via a new iBook as our podcast workstation.

I have the 7th, 8th, and 9th of Sept. 2005 podcasts complete.  But there are some quality and production issues we are working through ... mostly with Audacity ... that have caused us to fall behind.

We should be back very soon.  Sorry for the delay. -- Steve (

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