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Tech Tidbits Daily for Mar. 29, 2005

Tech Tidbits Daily for Mar. 28, 2005

This is your Tech Tidbits Daily for Monday, March 28th, 2005. This is our last reviewed interest item from eTech 2005 conference. The usage of wiki's was a growing theme. In a nutshell, wiki's are a collaborative website where all the authors of the site can work together on creating the content. There is a new commercial solution in the works called JotSpot that is in beta testing.  But there is also a long list of other solutions you can build on your own.  One of the easier ones was demoed by  Tom Hoffman & Tim Lauer in their presentation "From the Classroom: Remixing Wikis with Rendevous, Web Services, and School Tool".  During the conference, and in less than 10 minutes, I was even able to follow their directions to get my own wiki up and running.  In summary, you download and install One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows (more info in general via Ruby On Rails), you then install instiki 0.9.2., and then in Windows you go to the install directory for "instiki", and you right mouse click on the file "instiki" and open with "Ruby interpreter." Then the instiki 0.9.2 wiki is running on your local port "http://localhost:2500" and you can access it via Firefox or another browser on your own system. Pretty neat. For more information about the links mentioned in this podcast, or for more details on how to subscribe to this podcast check out You can also send audio or email feedback to Have a great day.


Curt Hibbs

Actually, you need to install Ruby, itself, not Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails is a web app framwork that runs on Ruby (just as Instiki does). You can find the One-Click Ruby Installer for Windows here:

Once you've installed Ruby, then you can download and run Instiki as you indicated in your post.

Steve Holden

Curt ... Thanks for the correction. You are correct. I'll make some changes to the original post to make sure I don't send people down the wrong path. Thanks for the help! - Steve

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