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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Tech Tidbits Daily for Feb. 24, 2005

This is your Tech Tidbits Daily for Thursday Feb. 24th, 2005. Today's news comes from which is part of the family of websites from Tech Target (requires a subscirption but the service is free).  If you can not get a Windows system to boot correctly there are collections of tools and procedures for conducting a system recovery without utlizing Microsoft some what limiting Windows Install and Recovery Console tools.  One of these toolkits is called the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (or "") that runs a full version of Windows not just a DOS. In future editions of this podcast, we will look at other similar solutions to include Linux-based options. For more information about the links mentioned in this podcast, or for more details on how to subscribe to this podcast check out Have a great day.

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You are my hero. Here is a typepad site that is a fully functioning podcasting site. Man if you could point me in the right direction on how you did this podcasting site with typepad I would be grateful beyond all belief. I have been struggling with the rss feeds and conversion well - I've been pulling my hair out.

Any help would be appreciated.

Posted by: Art | Feb 25, 2005 4:30:04 AM

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